Friday, August 26, 2011

#65 Hard Rock Cafe on 8-25-11

AMAZING. This show set a new standard for how I think shows should be. We played to an audience of dinner patrons from a variety of cities/countries. The stage was SO large, so we all had room to stretch out and perform. I had a headache and felt super nauseous right up to the show, but Wayne told me to shut up and quit bitching. Somewhere into playing our first song I felt elated and didn't feel bad the rest of the evening. It was SUCH a fine show. Strangely, it was supposed to be Wayne's last show (for a variety of reasons) but we made no further mention of it, as I really felt that it was not going to be his last show. We also debuted a new song, "Counting Out Your Life".

Sunday, August 21, 2011

#64 Louis Alvarez going away party on 8-20-11

Our chum Louis Alvarez who booked us for Downtown Artwalk decided to move to Portland, and asked us to play a backyard party. I'm always excited about these things as they tend to be really casual and you get to play and then hang out and actually to get to know people. This particular crew was great as they are all cyclists, and a nice mix of people. There was some very nice food at this party in addition to the burgers, like caprese salad. I forgot my bass cab, so we had to have someone race it out to us. It was a fun performance, and the party goers seemed to really enjoy it. Great night.