Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Video - It Multiples

Well, here it is. We spent a freezing night in Palmdale, CA in one of the best locations ever making this. Video team Lior Molcho/Danit Sigler brought this to life. The makeup/visual concept was created by photographer Tami Bahat, referencing a photo shoot I did with her called "After Hours". This extended into different looks for each band member, and along with the 'rotted' locale creates a fantastic dark world, a fitting match to this song of infidelity.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

#63 The Down and Out on 6-15-11

When we got back from tour we started to book a bunch of shows to keep the momentum going. We quickly withdrew from this plan, looking at the fact we still have an album to finish, the biggest priority. However we had one show booked with the Hangout Group, who had booked our Mezz show.

The Down and Out apparently used to be called Charlie O's, and is on the bottom floor of the Alexandria Hotel. It is very spacious and has pool tables in the middle and booths all along the side. There was a nice amount of people who seemed to just be there for the bar, a 'built-in crowd' if you will.

Bell Ringer opened the show, but it took us forever to get there, so we missed them. We walked in while Backdrifter played. They were an alternative rock trio. Cruz and Wright followed, who were dressed half glitz/half street. playing dirty rock and roll. I met the singer, who was Cruz. He informed me that Wright was no longer with the band, so they would probably be changing their name soon.

Our set was enjoyable, with extra song requests and even some dancing audience members. It felt like a good performance, and for having been a little uncertain about playing again right away, it was worth it and then some. Everyone was on their game.

Now we break for a bit, to finish the record and write some new stuff. And get ready for a video release...