Sunday, March 6, 2011

#53 The Airliner on 3-5-2011

(photo by Amber McCandless)

We had this show planned for quite a while, and were happy to be playing the nicer stage upstairs. When we arrived, we discovered that there was live music happening on both stages, and therefore 413 different bands were playing that night. (That is an exaggeration.)

We lugged our gear up the staircase and set it to the side. The band was about to play. I wandered outside to greet some of the people who came to see us. The band played for what seemed like over an hour, and I was antsy to play. We started to move our gear to the stage and a gentleman siad, "Oh, we're on next. That first band was supposed to be on at 8." It was now around 10.

This was unfortunate, as some people who came to see us couldn't stay. However, we had a good time with those who did, and the next band were very polite and even offered to cut their set short. I declined. We finally hit the stage and as we played, the front row came alive. A core group of audience members seemed to hang on every note, and cheered us on continually. They kept asking question and shouting nice supportive things. It felt incredible. 

One of them swore they weren't intoxicated, and I saw x's on the hands of another so it may have been the truth. Our eager 'merch girl' made the rounds and collected more e-mail addresses we've ever got at a show. The audience was so receptive, it made me feel like I was in a different city. Fantastic.

Someone who watched the set said, "You guys are too good to be playing the Airliner." 

Fair enough.