Saturday, December 4, 2010

#51 Sancho on 12-3-2010

(photo by Robert Hogg)

This was our final show of the year. We arrived at the venue and found an empty white artspace, and it's proprietor starting to set things up. I offered to set up the PA and got started. It was 9:30, and though we were set to play at 11, a flock of people showed up to see us play. I suggested they enjoy themselves at a local bar or eatery, and that's what they did. AV Club were the openers, and were running a bit late, but setup was quick and we were on schedule.

AV Club put on a great show, and I mixed the best sound I could with the small speakers provided. Our set was lively, and I was pleased to have 'Valley Born' back in the set. Wayne commented it was "five years in the making," which made me laugh. The last band (Fay Wrays) apparently had a breakdown and were not going to make it, so after playing we lingered as long as we could. A nice end to this year's performances.