Wednesday, November 3, 2010

#50 The Airliner on 11-2-10

(photo by Matthew Stolarz)

Congratulations us! This was the Active Set's 50th show! Hurrah! Hurrah!

This show was handed to us after playing the Terrace. I told my friend Sean Guerin to see about playing it, and lo and behold we got to play together. Francis and I ate tacos, separately, before the show.

The show was opened by a cool experimental 'loop station' guitarist. The Airliner has 3 stages, and we played the tiny one downstairs, not the big cement loading dock one out back or the super cool big stage upstairs. That was reserved for the 'damage to your nervous system' DJs.

They played a bunch of dub reggae on the PA as we set up, which always puts me in the mood. Though the stage is sideways facing the bar, everyone stood in front of us while we played. I couldn't keep my jacket on through the whole set, and Wayne called me a 'pussy' or 'quitter' or something. I made a lot of jokes about Meg Whitman, who was losing the election to Jerry Brown.

AV club is fronted by Austin Eastlee, a friend of mine. Sean Guerin plays keys. They have a good band.