Saturday, October 23, 2010

#49 Pierce College Halloween Harvest Festival on 10-22-10

(I really had misgivings about including this photo, taken by Vivian Lovell.)

I was eager to see what this show would be like. I realized that we hadn't brought a box of CDs to sell, and this was the very type of event that people would probably be buying them. I managed to dig up 4 from the van and luckily one of the attendees had some backup copies. We played on a gigantic outdoor stage, facing benches and several concession stands. We were all so spread apart that we couldn't really hear each other's amps. (The sound men kept telling us to turn down so as to not drown out Castro's drums.)

I felt a bit performance-unsatisfied, and turned to Francis to say "one more." He shot me down.

We had friends who brought some people, and plenty of children watching our set. Children intrigue me as audience members, because they pretty much like it or they don't, and when they do it's pretty magical.

Friday, October 8, 2010

#48 Central on 10-8-2010

(photo by Amber McCandless)

Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club is in Santa Monica. It used to be called 14 Below. (I once played there with an earlier band and our attendees were not counted correctly so I was screwed out of $140.) We had been invited to play by Holy Rolling Empire, a Tucson band.

We were set to open the show, and we were going to share drums with some of the other bands, and I was borrowing a bass amp. We set up for what seemed like forever, and the sound men were having some technical issues, so it was actually longer than forever. I didn't remember the stage being so cramped. We played to a modest crowd, but they seemed into it. It would be a shame if I didn't comment on the lights in the room, which were pin-laser-psychedelic-spiral-dance-club madness. They were definitely in competition with us.

The crowd filled out as the night went on, and I must say there is nothing like playing shows with bands that are your friends. This was our 5th (6th? 7th?) show with the Monthlies, and the 2nd show with new friends Cola Cola, so the environment was warm and inviting. It reminded me a bit of shows on tour.