Thursday, September 30, 2010

#47 The Terrace on 9-29-10

The Terrace is a Japanese restaurant in Pasadena with a good stage. We got the show thanks to a referral from artist Melissa Knowlton. She also borrowed an ebow for Wayne for the show.

The booker Vince was a very down-to-Earth guy. The bands who played with us were a bizarre assortment of sludge metal, surf-garage rock, indie pop, etc. There was a definite 'white trash' element at the show, and I'm not entirely certain which band(s) brought it. I don't know that that 'fans were shared' between the bands, but we did our work and enjoyed it. Good friends came to the show and we celebrated afterwards at the Yard House.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#46 La Bries on 9-28-10

(photo by some guy walking by)

La Bries used to be called 'The Scene.' I don't know if there was ever much of a scene there.

I raced to get things together for the show and get to the venue. I arrived at 7:20ish to set up for our 8 o'clock set time. Castro was already there, waiting outside the locked club. We all stood there and waited. The person who we booked the show with called and said we were supposed to be at the Rainbow Club in Hollywood. However, she was joking.

The owner arrived, and we quickly set up our equipment. There were no microphones set up though. The sound guy was 'on his way' and was 'never late before.' We waited. When he did arrive, we decided we would cut our set down so as not to drag the night on and on. After all, there were 3 bands after us and it was now almost 9:30.

The sound on stage was FANTASTIC, and the concise set worked quite well. Sadly though, Wayne broke his ebow.

We played with Julian Shah-Tayler, Charles and Model K.

Friday, September 24, 2010

#45 Mountain Bar on 9-23-10

We were confused about where to park, and where the club even was. We went around the and Francis opened the side door of the van. We changed our minds and went back around the block. The door was not fully closed, so it slid open when a left turn was made. My Ampeg SVT-3 pro bass head went flying out into the street. After a stunned exchange of looks, Francis dashed out into the street and watched a car fly over it, no damage. Then a second car ran over it. Thwack.

The casing had been crushed in on the side, but it worked fine for the show.

We played with Hot TV and Cola-Cola. A couple gents from Casxio came to watch, which was a pleasant surprise.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Video: Let The Games Begin

Yes. The video has arrived, and this is pleasing to us. "Let The Games Begin" directed by Israeli director Lior Molcho. Perhaps a tribute to our fine city.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

#44 The Mezz on 9-8-10

(photo by Amber McCandless)

The Alexandria Hotel is currently (apparently) a low-income apartment building. The second floor is a bar called the Mezz. The ceiling is rather low, having originally been the ceiling for the lobby below. However, this makes for a nice atmosphere. We played without any monitors, so much of the sound was generalized throughout the room. We played with Julian Shah-Tayler (who was releasing his double album) and the Clouds. The crowd was mostly there to see Julian. Despite being a cool night, it got rather warm in the room.