Monday, July 26, 2010

#39 Vu Ultra Bar 7-25-10

(photo by Matthew Stolarz)

Vu Ultra Bar (or 'the Vu' as the locals call it) is in Newhall, CA.

I was invited to play by Stephen Shepard, who was once in a band called Little White Lie, who played shows with me when I was in a band called I Decline, that later became The Briggs. In other words, we go back a ways.

Steve is an artist, and has a collection of artist friends who are part of a community up there. This was mainly an art show, and we were some of the entertainment. Many people stayed outside on the smoking patio while we played, but those that watched us were very supportive: they shouted, danced, etc. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

The night concluded with an 'art battle,' two artists sketching on a giant canvas based on a theme of the audience's choosing. This battle was 'pandas and the apocalypse' if I'm not mistaken.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

#38 Wolf Gallery on 7-24-10

(photo by ?)

We were tracked down and asked to play this show by East Los Angeles new wave band LeTras. We drove down to Whittier and were greeted by an apparently very tight-knit group of Latino fans and friends. I was reminded of Briggs shows back in the day, where we would find these hard-core Latino punks who absolutely lived for the scene and the music. It's such a nice contrast to scenelessness. (Yep, I just coined that.)

There was a middle-aged burnout white guy who lingered around the club before we played, and he asked us if we were going to play some 'Anglo-Saxon music' for a change, instead of all this 'Mexican shit'. We were annoyed/amused. During our set this guy kept giving half-assed Nazi salutes, and eventually left. I thought this was very smart of him.

After the set, feeling like we didn't necessarily win this crowd over, LeTras invited us to come back to their studio/practice space to hang out and drink. We joined them, and it turned into a great dance party, and we were quite happy to join them. We danced and it was fantastic.