Sunday, May 30, 2010

#37 rooftop poolside show on 5-30-10

We were invited to play this thing by Leila, who got our number from Becca of Dramaturgy Presents. It was to celebrate the release of the Waveriders movie, or to fundraise, or something.

I was being paid to bring and run the PA for the bands. We set up the stuff under a tent. Various members of the band showed up at various times. There were two acoustic acts who were going to play in addition to us and The Downtown Train. Time started ticking on, and I nudged the acoustic acts to go on, but nobody wanted to play yet as 'the vibe' wasn't 'right.' One of these was the super charismatic Bradley Riot, who has very large holes in his ears, and plays a fine thrashy acoustic song.

Downtown Train were a dirty dirty blues band, that were tremendous. Young guys, but they played the crap out out of the blues and I was super impressed. They played for a long time, and I was getting agitated as we were now in a countdown as to how much time the bands had left to play. I said one more song, and they played a looooong one more song, and then burst into yet another 'one more song.' I kept my cool, and thanked them.

We played a good set to entirely the wrong crowd, who couldn't care less it seemed. (Girls kept trying to plug their pop-filled iPods into the PA throughout the day.)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

#36 Casey's Irish Pub on 5-28-10

(photo by Bret Rigney)

This show was a gift from the Monthlies, who have a residency here. Casey's is a great pub below street level in downtown L.A. There is even a fantastic freight elevator that comes out of the sidewalk. The show was sponsored by Jameson's, so they were paying for the entertainment. Nice.

We were the only two bands playing, so we really had time to set up and lounge before the show. A LOT of people showed up for us, and it was a very supportive crowd. The lighting was such that Wayne was kind of in the dark, but I don't think he minded. The performance was enjoyable. I caught the kitchen in time and enjoyed a shepherd's pie, while a cellist played with the Monthlies.

Wayne's birthday had been two days prior, so this was a bit of a 'Birthday Show.'  We surprised him with a cake and shared it with many of the people at the bar. Wayne later commented that no one had ever done something like this for him.

Monday, May 17, 2010

#35 Dakota Lounge on 5-16-10

This show was booked through Fancy Animal Productions. They are a nice couple who seemed to put a lot of care into this show. We played with The Monthlies, as well as Holland Greco.

What made this show special was not the dinner at the Vegan restaurant nearby, but the East-Coast one-legged security guard at the club. He was truly one-of-a-kind. He was dressed in a suit, and walked around on a crutch, and managed to make sure you knew you were in the way every chance he got. Whether it was equipment backstage or your own body against the bar, it was a night full of "Excuse me, can you just move that closer to the wall? We need to keep this area clear" or "I just need you to leave this path open. I'm not trying to be pushy." And yet, he WAS pushy. All night long. Even when things were not really in the way, he would seek out people to move and things to 'correct.' It was a unique and amazing experience.

Being our first show back in many months, we all agreed that we had evolved to a new plateau of live performance. We felt good. We even covered INXS