Friday, September 11, 2009

#33 Artwalk rooftop show on 9-10-09

(photo by Mariah Buian)

A nice gentleman named Louis invited us to be a part of this. The lineup changed a bit leading up to the show, but we wound up playing with rockabilly band The Rocketz.

Downtown Artwalk is exactly what it sounds like. There are galleries and venues and restaurants all opening their doors to showcase art, music and otherwise. We played on the outdoor roof of a gallery, and brought our own PA.

The show was enjoyable, and there were a lot of people there. We were joined onstage at one point by a drunk girl who was permitted to play the tambourine. Sadly, she wasn't very present mentally and missed out on the possible 'rock show with guest performer' interaction that could have taken place. We actually put a box of CDs out for free consumption, and many people took advantage of this.

A nice surprise was a visit by old school friends of mine as well as an old fan/friend from my days in The Briggs.