Sunday, August 30, 2009

#32 Mr. T's Bowl on 8-29-09

photo by Mike Smith
generic american photography

We got to play with the Monthlies again, which works great. Also playing are Lusterko, who are a piano/drums duo. There is a '60s thing, sort of, going on musically and their singer-pianist is tall and has incredible legs.

Tonight was fun, and that's all I can really remember.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

#31 Pehrspace on 8-15-09

We played at Pehrspace again, only this time we were in charge. We teamed up with some hand picked bands and put a very nice show together. It was the Monthlies, a very nice indie pop group with their shit together and the French Semester.

We also threw an elaborate BBQ before and during the show, and had people enjoy a fine parking lot party. Jana, guitarist from the Monthlies was super helpful and brought supplemental food items/drinks. People were pleased to be given free food. I also met Mister Nervous at this show, a very nice man indeed.

I also met up with Wildman, who is quite a character. He had scraggly hair and a purple beard, and he had contacted me about getting content for his new video channel that would be 'better than MTV' as it would be for 'underground music.'

This was a very productive evening.