Monday, April 20, 2009

#27 Earth Day Celebration @ Toluca Lake Farmers Market on 4-19-09

This was actually a half-band acoustic set, but since it was all Active Set songs and a Radiohead cover it still counts. Wayne was incredible, I was okay. The horse nearby seemed to like it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

#26 USC Springfest on 4-4-09

What a show! Great experience. 

This was a big 2-stage outdoor festival at USC (Francis' Alma mater), with music throughout the day. We had incredible sound and the biggest stage we've played to date. It felt good to stretch out. We even had a friend of Francis play keys on Sea Legs. We mucked around most of the day, taking advantage of the hospitality bestowed upon us, such as drinks, food and a green room. Well, it was Iglu & Hartly's green room, but we were allowed in anyway, as they remembered us from SXSW.

Sadly, we had no merchandise to sell at the row of merch tables other than the EP, so new fans were not acquired as they could have been. But we did make some good contacts with bloggers, event planners, etc. and got to watch Pinback and Brand New, as well as shoot some footage for an upcoming self-produced documentary. Or not.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

#25 Pehrspace on 4-3-09

photo by Ethan Saks
This was the EP-release show for The Hard To Get. We were happy to be invited, and Pehrspace is a small artspace (room) which is very close to other Silverlake venues. The parking lot was essentially an open bar and we also played with the Christopher Walk-ins and the Breakups. It was a nice relaxed unpretentious group of bands, and a fun evening. Our new friend Ethan Saks took some great live-action pics as well.